Baseball History: Jack Coombs

Jack Coombs was 5-0 in six starts in World Series play.

Jack Coombs was 5-0 in six starts in World Series play.

Jack Coombs is one of a select group of pitchers to win three complete games in a World Series.

During the Fall Classic in 1910, Coombs won all three of his starts for the Philadelphia A’s against the Chicago Cubs.

After winning the second contest in Philadelphia, Coombs was back on the mound two days later at West Park in Chicago for the third affair.

Coombs went the distance to earn his second win of the series as the A’s beat the Cubs 12-5.

The 27-year old righthander was also a star at the plate on that day as well with three hits. In the second, Coombs had a run-scoring double. He had a two-run single in the seventh and added another hit in the ninth.

The Cubs won the fourth game, but the A’s behind Coombs took the fifth contest and the championship.

Five Wins in Three World Series

In addition to the 1910 World Series, Coombs won a contest the following year against the New York Giants as the A’s won their second consecutive title.

Coombs joined Brooklyn in 1915 and a year later, he won the only game in the series for the Robins as they lost to the Boston Red Sox.

Overall, he was 5-0 in six starts with four complete games during World Series action.

Won Over 20 Games Three Times

Coombs had his best season in 1910 when he was 31-9 with a 1.30 ERA. He also posted 13 shutouts to lead the American League.

In 1911, he led the league in victories for the second straight year with a 28-12 mark. The next season he finished 21-10.

Begining his career in 1906 with the A’s, Coombs was in Philadelphia until 1914. He played with Brooklyn from 1915-1918. He ended his career with a 158-110 record in 1920 after two appearances with the Detroit Tigers.

Coombs the Hitter

Coombs played in 62 games in the outfield during his career and managed a .235 batting average with four homers and 100 RBI.

Ironically, all four of his homers were as a pitcher. He hit two of them in 1911 and the final one was an inside-the-park homer. He also had 10 triples and 21 stolen bases.